While the number of digital-only brands may have skyrocketed in recent years, we as human beings still primarily occupy a physical world.

“What?!” you may be asking yourself right now, but — as shocking as it may be — it’s true. We as people don’t live our lives in computers just quite yet.

All jokes aside (obviously we all know this is true), what does this mean for digital-only brands? As one of these companies, how do you build initial awareness and maintain yourself in someone’s consideration set beyond the confines of their digital lives? Sure, we spend a lot…

It’s easy to become convinced that every new moment of crisis is unique, distracting us while we invent new solutions or get crushed by indecisiveness, but there are common threads tying moments of crisis together.

Sometimes we see a crisis coming from a mile away: A hurricane in the Atlantic lumbering towards land. A headline hinting at political upheaval. Conflict simmering steadily in the background.

Sometimes it’s a bolt from the blue: The stock market bottoms out. An attack from a hostile, violent adversary comes out of nowhere. A sudden unexpected jolt wakes us up from autopilot.

Regardless of how…

Credit: Jon Tyson

Why a new wave of fast casual restaurants has blown up and what you can learn, regardless of your category

The proliferation of once niche diets like paleo and keto to a home cooking renaissance fueled by meal kit providers like Blue Apron and HelloFresh have all helped change the way Americans eat, for better or worse.

While this spells trouble for traditional restaurants and sit-down dining chains like Applebee’s and Olive Garden, one category is poised for more growth than any other: fast casuals.

As a whole, growth across the category is down, but fast casuals (a step up…

Two competing business models seek to redefine the innovative company. 

In 2007, the mere rumor of what would later be known as Hulu sent the media into a frenzy. Those headlines, however, weren’t singing the praises of a revolutionary new video service, but were laughing at NBC and NewsCorp’s seemingly off-the-cuff response to Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube in 2006 (fun fact: Hulu’s early critics fell in love with Netflix’s online streaming announcement just two months earlier). In less than a year, Hulu rose to being a leader and key player in the streaming video category, the television industry, and the digital ecosystem as a whole.

Reduced to its simplest…

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